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power the wave

Adapting products and processes, rapidly and cost efficiently, is becoming a prerequisite to be successful in today's ever-changing business environment.

While classical hierarchical organizations of centralized decision&control structure are struggling to detect-decide-implement an appropriate response of magnitude on performance execution level in a coordinated and timely fashion, agile organizations are geared up, due to their high level of self organization and interaction, to easily shape their performance profile perpetually and eventually gain competitive momentum with each wave of impact.


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ap4i originated as a spin-off from evokel, a management consulting boutique established in Germany by Dr. Andreas C. Pielczyk, and concentrates all activities exclusively on its agility program 4 individuals, enabling organizations to respond more rapidly, effectively and efficiently to gradual and disruptive changes in their business environment.



ap4i logo3 250x80As a 24/7 virtual companion to each individual group member, ap4i is nurturing 4s-loops of collective behavior "sense-sight-share-shape" thus converging knowledge amongst the organization and strengthening individual capabilities by portraying recurring performance profiles on the basis of advanced algorithmic models deployed on mobile cloud computing infrastructure. The unique ap4i-approach AlgoPortraying4impact is accompanying those collective groups of individuals, fully committed and agreed upon self-organization and interaction as their truly organizational principles, striving for impact in their continuous quest for performance excellence.



ap4i logo2 150x95Triggered by a shared mindset among all participants a three pronged implementation approach "AlignProcessesAssembleProgramsAttractPioneers" unlocks the power of many ap4i powerofmany 16x16, collectively impacting the bell curve of group performance by lowering performance variability and raising mean performance concurrently and in consequence shape the wave ap4i shapethebellcurve 20x16 of performance distribution significantly.




AlgoPortraying4impact - im (information management) strengthening the pact amongst individuals to power the wave of aggregate performance.